About Us

Blood Eagle tattoos was created by Hunter Ironold with the idea of making a team of tattooist that work together to drive each others art to the best it can be. Hunter has a passion for all things Viking and pagan which made for a perfect theme for the tattoo studio.

As a studio we raid at numerous tattoo conventions around the country to put our skills up against the best artists and ensure that our customer get the best possible work they can.

We pride ourselves on having a diverse team that can complete any tattoo that comes in to the studio while offering a tailored experience for each customer. Click on any artists image or the Instagram logo below their bio to view each artists portfolio.

Hunter Ironold

Studio owner and Tattoo Artist

Hunter has been a tattoo artist since 2004 after completing an old school apprenticeship under Darren Hubbard of Old Sarum Tattoos. Hunter has worked in a number of Portsmouth based tattoo studios over his career before deciding to open his first studio Touch of Ink which he kept for nine years.

Hunter has worked or studied with some of the best tattoo artists in the business such as Darren Stares (Unique Tattoo), Erik Nitz (Iron Monkey), Axel Mercier (New York Ink), Steve Rodrigues (Miami Ink), Steve Von (Queen Street Tattoo) to name a few.

Hunter is an artist that dedicates his time to try and master every style of tattooing and has now claimed over 100 awards. This makes him one of the most awarded tattoo artists in Hampshire with awards from across the country. Awards include; Best Portrait/Realism, Best Black and Grey, Best Celtic, Best Nordic, Best Dot Work, Best Oriental, Best Colour and numerous best of show.

Loki the Overseer

Loki has been working with Blood Eagle since 2018, after working in numerous customer service jobs he decided to follow his dream of working for himself and has never looked back since. Since joining Blood Eagle Loki has also worked front of desk on tattoo tours with Amon Amarth and at Rambling Man Fair along side Hunter Ironold and Darren Hubbard of Old Sarum Tattoos.

Studio Manager and Laser Removal Specialist

Loki is passionate about people and making sure that they are happy and comfortable when in the studio.

Loki is also the studios laser tattoo removal specialist with 2 years of experience removing a range of different tattoos in numerous areas of the body.

Kirk The Black

Tattoo Artist

As the son of a tattoo artist Kirk spent many years as a child sat in the tattoo studio on South Parade pier, Portsmouth watching the tattoo artists work. This encouraged Kirk to start drawing and by the age of seven customers had started to ask for his designs as tattoos. Seeing his art on peoples skin for life was what started Kirks passion for tattooing.

Kirk first began working at his fathers studio in Aldershot before leaving for Portsmouth where he worked at three studios before joining Blood Eagle Tattoos.

Kirk picked up his first two awards in 2018 at Tattoo Extravaganza for best of show tattoo and runner up in best female large tattoo.

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Martha Free Raven

Tattoo Artist

Martha has been working in the tattoo industry since she was 17 years old and has been professionally tattooing since 2015. Martha had previously worked with Hunter and Alex in Touch of Ink.

Martha loves many mediums of art outside tattooing such as painting but after studying art for years she find that the ultimate canvas is the skin.

Martha has a passion for travelling and has tattooed across South East Asia to keep her skills sharp while she sees the world. She also attends tattoo conventions with the clan to help keep her standard of work high.

Nicole Young Blood

Tattoo Artist

Nicole had a passion for art from a young age and had always wanted to be a tattoo artist. She started as Blood Eagles apprentice in September 2017 working up to being a fully fledged tattoo artists in January 2019.

Since becoming a tattoo artist Nicole has the opportunity to tattoo at multiple tattoo conventions and at Download Festival with Old Sarum Tattoos.

Nicole loves to tattoo nature based designs and has a large portfolio of work and drawn flash pieces ready to tattoo.