How do I book a tattoo?

You book tattoos by messaging the studios page on Facebook or Instagram, or via email (Bloodeagletattoos@hotmail.com). We can take booking over the phone but prefer to see a rough design prior to booking an appointment.

Is there anything I need to do for my appointment?

There isn’t much you need to do before having a tattoo with us, we recommend having a decent meal and bringing some snacks and drinks with you to help you get through your sitting.

Do I need a deposit to book a tattoo?

Yes we ask for a £50 deposit for every tattoo we book in the studio, this can be either in cash or via bank transfer. Deposits are non-refundable but can be transferred to a different booking if you need to reschedule. We ask for at least 3 days notice for cancelling to ensure your deposit isn’t lost.

Can you remove my tattoo?

We do offer laser tattoo removal in the studio, we would need to have a consultation before proceeding with a full treatment which includes a test patch to see how your skin reacts to the laser, this costs £20 and we will discuss the full treatment, what you want to achieve from the laser treatment and how much it will cost per session.

What are your prices?

We mostly do priced jobs which are quoted prior to booking in. For sleeve work and bigger pieces like backs and chests we work on hourly which is £75 per hour or £375 for a day sitting of six hours making the final hour free.

Can I be tattooed under the age of 18 with parental consent?

No, it is illegal for us to tattoo someone under the age of 18 and we check ID in the studio before proceeding with a tattoo.

Can I use numbing cream for my tattoo?

Yes of course, but we do not supply numbing cream in the studio so you would need to purchase this yourself. You would need to apply it at least an hour before your appointment and then wrap the area in cling film.

How do I look after my tattoo?

Every studio offers different aftercare advice, from all the years we have been tattooing we have found that this way works best for healing our work.

Keep the cling film on for the first three days, washing the tattoo every 3-4 hours so roughly morning, lunchtime, evening and before bed.

To wash the tattoo was with hot soapy water with the water as hot as you can take it, then rise with cold water after. Pat the tattoo dry and leave for a couple of minutes to full dry before re-wrapping the tattoo in cling film.

After three days in cling film, you can now leave the cling film full off and start applying cream to the tattoo, we recommend using coconut oil/butter for the tattoo, which can be picked up from most supermarkets or alternatively we often have a stock of tattoo cream in the studio which can be purchased after your tattoo.